DEV Challenge XVII

Statistics of the season

On November 29, 2020, the seventeenth DEV Challenge Development Championship ended. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the tournament was held exclusively online, lasted two and a half months, and included three stages.

In general, more than 1,000 specialists from 11 countries and 89 settlements took part in the championship. The championship was held in both hemispheres, the distance between the participants was measured in thousands of kilometers, and the time difference could reach 16 hours, because representatives from Ukraine and Europe, as well as participants from the USA and Australia, were registered.

Changes to the contest

Extraordinary circumstances led to many innovations for the championship. It was necessary to invent such a format for the online competition so that everyone could participate without hindrance and a threat to health. At the same time, the format had to be interesting for participants, so they are not bored by watching the work of the judges through the screen. For this purpose, with the support of our partner Sweet TV, we filmed a professional TV studio with which we conducted live broadcasts with the judges and commented on the course of the competition.

Olga Malinina, a judge of the Manual QA nomination, shared her impressions of the broadcasts in a Facebook post.

"Today on DEV Challenge we talked about the online round results and how to "hack" a competition: what to look for, how to not lose points and more.

And it was bomb let me tell ya. Progress is always nice to see but this is just next level. Own studio, preparation for broadcast, briefing, professional broadcast team - just a sea of buzz from the process. Felt like not an expert in testing, but a TV star."

Cooperation with the MFA

In addition, during the 17th season, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine came to us for help. They asked the participants to develop a chatbot platform for consultations of citizens of Ukraine anywhere in the world. Especially for this task, we introduced an additional nomination: Team, which transformed our Championship into not only a personal competition but also a team competition.

The result met the expectations of our strategic partners from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: during the Final, a platform was proposed, which was named "DRUG" and actively helps thousands of Ukrainians.

Thank you!

We express our gratitude to our judges, who worked tirelessly on developing the tasks, checking the solutions, and stoically enduring the barrage of questions from the participants. We are also grateful to all partners who helped our Championship. And of course, we thank each participant who decided to spend time with us and accepted the challenge.

See you in the next seasons!


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