How to become a Successful CTO in a startup

The rapid development of startups in Ukraine revealed the need for new approaches and solutions.

The DEV Challenge community was pleased to gather like-minded people at the meetup "How to become a successful CTO in a startup", which took place on February 9, 2022.


Volodymyr Sveredyuk and Artem Melnychenko were invited to the event as speakers.

Volodymyr Sveredyuk

Volodymyr is a Delivery Manager who has been writing code for many years. In total, during his career, he took part in 30 projects that were in production. For the most part, he developed the architecture himself.  Also, he is a winner of the DEV Challenge XVII in the Backend developer category.

Artem Melnychenko

Artem is a CTO at Wantent.  Artem started as a developer in an ambitious Ukrainian startup. He currently works as CTO at Wantent, a consumer analytics company developing an AI-based response recognition platform.

What did speakers say?

Volodymyr talked about how much progress a developer makes when exposed to the real world outside of code. How to become a product engineer as a coder, and why it is important for Ukrainian IT in the next 10 years.

“User engagement and experience has become a major focus for the success of any web-based service in recent years”

Artem shared the key points of creating an MVP, and his experience using the AWS technology stack, and focused his speech on the integration of Deep Learning models into the production workflow.

Meetup is a great opportunity to share experiences, gain new knowledge, and communicate with specialists. We are grateful to the guests and speakers for their active participation in the event.


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