XIX season

We've rounded up the best of the best judges to support and inspire you this season.

Those are people who have serious achievements in the categories they judge. But that's not the main thing.

Each of them is here to give you the most comprehensive and high-quality analysis of your potential. To help you grow and become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Check out the full list. Maybe this season there will be someone you have been dreaming to meet for a long time.

iOS Developer Judges

Andrian Budantsov
Co-Founder & CTO @ Readdle
Technical Co-founder of Readdle and CTO. Expert and Judge DEV Challenge of several seasons. He’s known as experienced lead the development of software products.
Sergii Kozyrev
Founder @ XSight
Software engineer, ML enthusiast. Judge DEV Challenge of several seasons. He is an International speaker and mentor at conferences on Mobile development.
Mykhailo Pashnov
Product Engineer @ Readdle
IOS Developer with more than 12 years of experience. Works in Readdle for the last 7.5 years. A leading specialist in his company and took part in the development of 3 products in Readdle.
Krzysztof Zabłocki
Engineer @ The Browser Company
Krzysztof Zabłocki has spoken at over 50 conferences and previously lead the New York Times iOS team for over 5 years. Currently, he is building Browser of the future called Arc @ The Browser Company. His open source projects power up more than 80 000 apps.

Backend Judges

Andreas Nauerz
Managing Director
CEO & CTO @Bosch.IO

IBM Master Inventor in 2011. Innovator of Serverless Computing and one of the key faces behind Apache OpenWhisk & IBM Cloud Functions. Experienced conference speaker who participated in Codemotion, Cloud Foundry Summit, GOTO, Serverless Conferences.
Tadas Paplauskas
Lead Developer @ MailerLite
Lead Developer, working on scaling service for the next million clients at MailerLite. He has 10 years of experience in Web application development with a focus on the backend.
Volodya Sveredyuk
CTO @ DEV Challenge
Volodya is the Winner of the DEV Challenge. Now he is also CTO and Lead Backend Judge. Volodya is Head of Product Engineering Managed Services Provider in SPsoft.
Irina Scurtu
Co-Founder & Organizer @
Software Architect and Microsoft Certified Trainer. Irina has more than 1000 hours of delivered training, workshops, and presentations. She is so passionate about .NET and the world around it.
Ruslan Shevchenko
System Architect @ ZAKA
System Architect at ZAKA. Ruslan works on projects in the field of telecommunications, advertising, and finance. Repeated Judge and Speaker at DEV Challenge.
Eldar Šabanovič
Co-founder and CTO @ Cyqler
Software Engineer, both backend and embedded programming. Associate professor and Senior Researcher at Vilnius Gediminas technical university for more than 7 years.
Marek Miltner
Head Of Engineering @ Uizard
Marek is Head of Engineering at UizarR Technologies — a collaborative design, and prototyping tool. He is a Researcher at the Czech Technical University, Stanford University, and the University of Cambridge.
Hywel Carver
Founder, CEO @ Skiller Whale
CTO with 12+ years of experience. Currently, he is Founder and CEO of Skiller Whale -- is a live, hands-on micro-coaching for developers.
Vlad Matsiiako
Data Scientist @ Figma
Vlad is a Data Scientist at Figma. Figma is an online service for web and UI/UX designers with more than a million users. Also, Vlad worked as a data scientist at bunq — currently EU's second largest neobank.

Manual QA Judges

Olga Malinina
Head of QA @ WebGroup
Head of QA with 12+ years of experience managing test desktop, web, and mobile applications. She judges at TestUAStartups and DevChallange. Also she is a speaker at testing conferences like Code Space, and is the referee at various IT Ring events.
Victoriia Taraniuk
Associate Manager @ GlobalLogic
Author of the first training course for testers in the embedded systems segment in Ukraine.
15+ years of experience in testing embedded systems in network, industrial, automotive and medical domains.
Oleksii Ostapov
QA Test Lead @ Infopulse
QA Test Lead with 15+ years of experience in SW testing. He has 8 years conducting training in QA, SW development, and automation.
Marcus Merrell
Vice President of Technology Strategy
@ Sauce Labs
Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs. He is a leader in continuous test and error reporting solutions. He uses experience from 20+ years in tests to manage strategic technical alliances.
Manolescu Florin
CEO & Co-founder @ Academia Testarii
CTO @ Digidemat
Experienced QA professional with a keen interest in promoting software testing as a constant practice during SDLC. Coaching companies on how to leverage product quality as a competitive advantage.
Arnika Hryszko
QA Chapter Lead @ Volvo Group
QA Chapter Lead at Volvo Group — world’s leading manufacturer of transport. She is an accredited ISTQB Trainer, and Vice President at Polish Testing Board.
Maryna Shevchenko
Chief of Staff @ SQUAD
Co-founder of Test UA Startups — an event for testers and  Ukrainian startups and BeQAToday — free software testing courses for people with physical disabilities. Constant member of judges at the Ukrainian IT Awards and DEV Challange.
Agnieszka Wakuła
Organizer @ ŁuczniczQA
Accredited ISTQB Tester and co-organizer and lead speaker of the ŁuczniczQA meetup for the testing community in Poland.
Sebastian Małyska
President @ Polish Testing Board
Quality Assurance Engineer with 18 years of experience. President of Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych — Polish Testing Board. He is a founder of popular quality assurance and testing meet-ups ŁuczniczQA.

Frontend Judges

Boris Mohyla
Lead Software Engineer @ EPAM Systems
Engaged in the development of Javascript and PHP applications.
Co-organizer and chairman of the VinnytsiaJS program committee, speaker of many conferences. Interested in augmented reality and machine learning.

Roman Savitskyi
Competence Center Lead @ Infopulse
Has 11+ years of experience in the IT industry, a front-end technician, a team leader and a passionate JS ideologue. He is the organizer and co-founder of BeerJS Zhytomyr. A member of the OdessaJS and VinnytsaJS PCs, an active speaker at conferences.
Martin Urban
CTO for Web Technologies @ Purple Technology
Czech Republic
CTO at the Market Leader in Serverless, computing Purple Technology, with 10+ years of experience with modern web technologies. Martin is co-founder of one of the most popular escape game brands in Czech Republic.
André Kovac
Software Engineer and Data Scientist
@ Intelligent Computing
Experienced CTO, educator, technology trainer and knowledgeable scientist in cyber security with 10 years of experience. Speaker at tech conference and meetups: Pozitive technologies, React Next,  Workshops.DE.
Oleksii Kaliuzhnyi
Head Of Web Development @ Zgraya Digital
Multiple Winner of DEV Challenge 4 times, now he is a Judge in the Frontend nomination. Oleksiy is a Head Of Web Development with over 13 years of rich professional experience.
Stepan Suvorov
CTO @ Studytube
JavaScript Evangelist with 12+ years of experience. He is CTO at Studytube — a platform where organizations have training for every learning need. Stepan is the organizer of Angular Kharkiv and co-organizer of Dutch Angular Group.

Product Design Judges

Olha Uzhykova
Co-founder and Design Director of Netrix
Has several Awwwards prizes for her works. XIII DEV Challenge winner. Co-founder of the startup ITG.Digital, which received RedDot.
Winner of Webby Nominee, San Francisco Design Week, ADC*UA
Natalia Filvarova
UX Researcher @ Google
Founder of NeuroCamp, the first in Germany neuroscience summer camp.
Avid public speaker and mentor. A serial non-profit founder in the fields of transformative education and inclusionand intercultural and inter-generational communication.
Sebastian Gier
Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Footprint
Co-Founder of Footprint, a climate-tech startup from Germany. Host of the Designdrives Podcast and Organizer of the DDX Conference. Founder of FastForward, a digital design agency.
Vadym Shcherbakov
Head of Design @ Nationwide Building Society
Product designer and UX analyst with more than 12 years of experience.
Enjoys applying data-driven design to benefit customers and businesses in digital interactions.
Nik Page
Head of Product @
Czech Republic
Experience & Product expert who launched his first tech startup in 1979. He worked through the DotCom era in San Francisco. He also constantly explores new directions for UX and Experience Design to improve the design of new products.
Thorsten Jonas
Founder @ SUX
Has 15+ years of experience in UX, he builds up UX Teams and leads clients to create meaningful digital products, platforms and experiences. The products he created won various prizes like the Red Dot Award or IF Design Award. Founder of „SUX - the Sustainable UX Playbook“

UI Design Judges

Aleksandra Szmak
Founder & Creative Director @ Szmak Studio
International Designer with 14+ years of experience. Aleksandra opened her own creative agency SZMAK STUDIO. Several time won Vertex Global Awards in design.
Sérgio Tavares
Lead Service Designer, Coach @ frog
Service Designer Lead and Designer Coach. His research on interfaces has been featured at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Catalunya Open University and Rhizome Artbase New York.
Šarūnas Ročevas
Lead Designer @ MailerLite
Lead Designer and Developer with 10 years of experience. His latest project is MailerSend — a transactional messaging service.
Herbert Heitmann Arraes
Lead Design Manager @ Accenture Song
Lead Design Manager with 20 years of experience. He runs design projects in Accenture Song — global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security.
Yaroslav Bosenko
Head Of Design @ Scalr
Head of Design at the platform for DevOps — Scalr. He has 10 years of experience in designing e-commerce, edtech, and fintech projects.
Slava Shestopalov
Design Manager @ Bolt
Design Leader with 11+ years of multidisciplinary experience. He is also an educator at Projector Institute and Visiting Lecturer in German and Ukrainian universities.


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