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We've rounded up the best of the best judges to support and inspire you this season.

Those are people who have serious achievements in the categories they judge. But that's not the main thing.

Each of them is here to give you the most comprehensive and high-quality analysis of your potential. To help you grow and become more aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Check out the full list. Maybe this season there will be someone you have been dreaming to meet for a long time.

Backend Judges

Sergiy Medvedyev
Chief IT Architect @ TemaBit Fozzy Group
Chief IT Architect with 20+ years of experience, currently building a dream architecture team at Temabit for Fozzy Group. He started his career as an engineer for embedded solutions and IoT devices, then moved to software development as an Enterprise Architect, developing projects for leading global companies: Samsung, Ford, VW, Mercedes, OMNICOM, etc.
Andrey Adamovich
Principal Trainer @ Extreme Automation, CTO @ VLAVI
Software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. Andrey's passion is teaching software automation practices and tooling. His DevOps MasterClass course has been delivered more than 150 times in various locations in Europe: Austria, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Romania, Estonia, and Latvia.
Alex Kovalchuk
CTO @ Cargofy
Technology enthusiast who worked at the Space Research Institute, where he was involved in developing cutting-edge technology for space exploration. He also runs a YouTube "Алекс про IT" channel where he shares his experiences, tips, and tricks on technology and exploration.
Marek Miltner
Resident Research Fellow @ Stanford University
Technology leader with focusing on AI applications in sustainability. Currently, he Researcher at Stanford University and Czech Technical University, however before that he has 8 years of technical and management role experience from startups and industry leading companies.
Volodya Sveredyuk
CTO @ DEV Challenge
Winner of the DEV Challenge XVII. Currently, he is CTO and Lead Backend Judge at DEV Challenge. Also, Volodya is Head of Product Engineering Managed Services Provider in SPsoft.
Ruslan Shevchenko
Researcher and System Architect @ ZAKA
Founder of UA Scala user group, Ph.D. in Computer Science, coauthor of the book “Methods of algebraic programming”, an active columnist for the Ukrainian developer’s community portal, regular Backend Judge at DEV Challenge.
Iana Mykhailenko
Director of Engineering @ Turnitin
Judge and mentor of international competitions and hackathons, and moderator of the “How to Become a Great CTO” meetup series. She works as Director Of Engineering at Turnitin – the most famous anti-plagiarism program in the world.

Testing Judges

Arnika Hryszko
QA Chapter Lead @ Volvo Group
QA Chapter Lead at Volvo Group – world’s leading manufacturer of transport. She is an accredited ISTQB Trainer, and Vice President at Polish Testing Board.
Marcus Merrell
Vice President of Technology Strategy @ Sauce Labs
Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs. He is a leader in continuous test and error reporting solutions. He uses experience from 20+ years in tests to manage strategic technical alliances.
Victoriia Taraniuk
Engineering Manager @ GlobalLogic
Engineering Manager with over 12 years of hands-on experience in testing. Author of an embedded system testing course and holds a lecturer position at NTUU "KPI". She achieved the IT Awards 2020 in the Quality category.
Sebastian Małyska
Vice President @ Polish Testing Board
Quality Assurance Engineer with 20 years of experience. Vice President of the Polish Testing Board (SJSI) and also head of the ISTQB Marketing Working Group. Also, he is a founder of popular quality assurance and testing meetup ŁuczniczQA.
Roman Yakymchuk
QA Practice Lead @ Ingenico
QA expert with more than 10 years of experience, that building of QA Center of Practice from scratch. Coach in Test Analysis and Exploratory Testing, co-founder of UkrainQA Commumity and QA Blog.
Roman Marinsky
QA Lead @ GO TO-U
Advanced Test Automation Engineer, that managed pre-sales of Quality services, built from scratch, and lifted test automation. He is leader of the QA Club Lviv community, member of the program committees for Selenium Camp and QAFest.
Oleksii Ostapov
Test Automation Sub-practice leader @ Infopulse
QA Test Lead with 15+ years of experience in SW testing. Author of manual, test automation and performance testing courses. Co-founder of Ukrainian testing blog – QA Mania and speaker of DOU QA podcast.
Florin Manolescu
CEO & Co-founder @ Academia Testarii
The passionate promotor and advocate for the software testing profession, Florin spent his last 20 years in various software testing roles. Currently, he is CEO & Co-founder of Academia Testarii – initiation and specialization courses in Software Testing, consulting, and resourcing.
Nataliia Pyslar
Test Automation Engineer @ Global-e
Test Automation with .Net experience, popular Ukrainian YouTube tech blogger Popeliuha, author of 5 testing courses, on Udemy as well. Also, she teaches manual and auto-testing from scratch.

Frontend Judges

Borys Mohyla
Co-organizer @ VinnytsiaJS
Regular Frontend Judge at DEV Challenge. Co-organizer and chairman of the VinnytsiaJS program committee – a conference of JavaScript, gathering Front-end developers across Ukraine.
Martin Urban
CTO for Web Technologies @ Purple Technology
Czech Republic
CTO at the market leader in Serverless computing – Purple Technology, and has 12+ years of experience with modern web technologies. Also, Martin is co-founder of one of the most popular escape game brands in the Czech Republic – BrainFAQ Brno.
Oleksii Kaliuzhnyi
Head Of Web Development @ Zgraya Digital
Multiple Winner of DEV Challenge 4 times, now he is a Judge in the Frontend nomination. Oleksiy is a Head Of Web Development with over 13 years of rich professional experience.
Serg Hospodarets
Executive VP of Global Engineering @ Finalsite
Executive Vice President of Engineering, technology leader, speaker, Web, and Cloud infrastructure enthusiast. Also, he is JavaScript/CSS enthusiast participates specifications debates and discusses new features with the community.
Serhii Babich
Software Architect @ Edvantis
Regular judge of the DEV Challenge and a front-end developer with 12+ years of experience who actively shares his experience with the Ukrainian audience: he runs the YouTube channel "Serhii Babich and the Amazing World of Web Development" and the Telegram channel "The Same Babich".
Vadym Ilchenko
CTO @ Mate academy
Passionate advocate of modern website development with over 6 years of experience in the tech industry, he embarked on his career as a Frontend developer in 2017. Since 2020, he has held the role of Lead Software Engineer, concurrently serving as the CTO at EdTech startup Mate academy.
Dmytro Mozolevskyi
Senior Frontend Developer @ Writer
T-shaped engineer with a deep-seated passion for Frontend development, Backend expertise, and DevOps, boasting multiple AWS certifications. Prompt Engineering / AI enthusiast. Ex Atlassian, Trello ecosystem.
Roman Savitskyi
Web & Mobile Lead @ Infopulse
JS ideologue with 11+ years of experience in the IT industry. Roman is an active member of the Ukrainian JavaScript Community and helps to develop it. He is organizer and co-founder of BeerJS Zhytomyr.

Product Design Judges

Natalia Filvarova
UX Researcher @ Google
UX & Product specialist driven by empathy and data, building products from scratch, leading young teams and driving communities. She is an active speaker and lecturer at events and companies such as HelloFresh, dev.pro, University of Oxford, iScientist.
Nik Page
Product & Account Manager @ Salsita Software
Czech Republic
Experience & Product guy who launched his first tech startup in 1979. He is an active speaker and participated in more than 25 conferences around the world.
Vadym Shcherbakov
Product Design Lead @ Nationwide Building Society
Product Design Lead with 13+ years of experience in data-driven design, product analytics, and design leadership. Currently working in Digital Innovation team on Conversational Banking and Generative AI.
Oleksandr Vilinskyi
Founder & Designer @ Super Clear
Hands-on creative and multi-founder of digital products, sustainable businesses, powerful brands and creative teams. He designed apps like Grammarly, Spark, and Documents that became a benchmark for productivity tools.
Anna Gordiyevska
UX/UI Design Mentor @ Humber College
UX/UI Designer who transforms complex processes into simple and delightful digital experiences. She is working as Mentor at Humber College – one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions.
Wolfgang Bremer
VP of Design @ Elli
Award-winning design veteran with 20+ years of experience. He has managed global design teams and worked on products used by a hundred million plus users in 190+ countries.
Yuri Ternytsky
Co-Founder @ Practical Product Design
Product Design leader with a problem-solving mindset and graphic design, user research, workshop facilitation, and program management expertise. Co-authored the first edition of a product design course.
Yar Bosenko
Staff Designer @ Crusoe Energy
Experienced leader & designer making intuitive experiences for businesses and helping designers to grow, who has 10+ years of experience in product design with 0 to 1 products: Fintech, EdTech, E-commerce, DevOps, Crypto, SaaS products.
Stan Govorukhin
Product Designer @ Djinni.co
Product Designer & Growth Enthusiast. He is working as a Product Designer at Djinni.co, and co-founded Projector Mentorship Platform. He is running a mobile interfaces course at Projector. Before that, He worked on product-led growth at Miro, and designed mobile apps for riders and drivers at Uklon.

UI Design Judges

Katya Lavrenova
Senior Product Designer @ Meta
Hybrid designer – interaction and visual – with a strong focus on rapid prototyping and passion for innovative technologies. She worked in cross-functional multidisciplinary teams for the past 10+ years. Her determination to learn the best practices in research and human-centred design led her to Nielsen Norman School and Cooper Design Leadership courses.
Mike Samovarov
Co-Founder, Design Director @ League Design Agency
Design Director with 15+ years of experience, who worked with UN, Cisco, Con-Edison, Inter TV channel, Silpo, Forbes Ukraine, Cornell University. Also, he is the best design teacher at "Dan-IT" school and has nurtured many juniors to the level of seniors and seniors to Team Leads.
Andreas Kleiner
Design Director @ Microsoft
Swedish design director with 2 decades of design experience ranging from consultancies to startups and Fortune 500s. Last 12 years he has been leading design teams in emerging technologies and systems design. He is currently working in the business emerging technologies group at Microsoft.
Herbert Heitmann Arraes
Lead Design Manager @ Accenture Song
Lead Design Manager with 20 years of experience. He runs design projects in Accenture Song – global professional services company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security.
Olha Uzhykova
Co-Founder & Design Director @ Netrix Digital
Award-winning Design Director and UI/UX design expert with 10 years of experience in design and management. Her works are consistently featured by the best international and national design awards like Webby, Reddot, Awwwards, CSS Design Award, Ukrainian Design the very best of.
Pavlo Grubyi
Technical UI Design Director @ Epic Games
Technical UI Artist/Designer with 13 years of hands-on experience and work with numerous AAA titles shipped in companies like Ubisoft, My.com, Sumo Digital and Epic Games.
Alp Turgut
Creative Director @ ArtX Design Studio
Award-winning digital product designer with 10+ years of experience, including startups and well-known brands like Nike, Atlassian, Salesforce, Rolls-Royce, Zalando, New Look, Mercedes and O2.


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