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About KitRUM

KitRUM is a one-stop custom software development company headquartered in Florida with development centers in Ukraine and Poland. With a pool of 300+ top-notch engineering resources, KitRUM helps CxOs of VC-backed startups and fast-growing tech companies in the US, EU and Australia to custom build software engineering teams packed with top-tier talent.

KitRUM calls itself the most comfortable IT company in Ukraine. The company has 300 employees. The company knows every member of the team, the date of birth and the nickname of the dog, cat or penguin. Аnd it happens :)

KitRUM is a fully remote team, and at the same time they have 5 offices in Ukraine and Poland, so that there is an opportunity to stop by for coffee with colleagues. They don't have micro management, but they have the coolest projects and a driving team.

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